The most important Rory’s song in my book. I read somewhere that he was going to do Irish film scores, this bastard died too early. In one of his interviews, he said something like “Clapton et al were the mainstream heroes and he was on the sidelines”. This song really sets him apart! His artistry is unparalleled, I never compare him with any guitarist.

Starts off with a folkish mandolin and bluesy slide. The sheer magic happens when I hear a sneak ambush of his electric guitar @ 1:50, @ 2:05, shoot, sounds like a rocket launch, the song is propelled by a kick ass solo. Is it the blues, or Irish, i hear some Carnatic overtones too. almost seven minutes master piece.

From Rattlesnake Guitar: The Music of Peter Green Leaving Town Blues (Written by Peter Green. ) Now, when I leave this town mama may not be back no…