One of Youtube comments read: “One of my favorite “conversations” for this video. I agree with him 1000%.
Robben understands Larry more than his wife does. Larry’s solo is magnificent, just came down the outer space. So much lessons to learn from that solo. Truly a study material.

Let’s get sidetracked to discuss something about music in general. Well, I play the guitar and post some of my silly recordings from time to time for fun. But I would rather want to be remembered as a music lover than a guitar player. From a novice to a connoisseur is always a long journey. It is going to take many years for me to become a connoisseur. However it is such a thrill journey to understand many facets of music one by one progressively.

EDM doesn’t interest me at all, hip-hop too. It doesn’t mean that I love only melodic music or classical music. I do love Black Sabbath and Nirvana. When I started listening to Black Sabbath, I was totally awestruck, I had never listened to that kind of powerful, more passionate music until then. One cannot listen to the blues all day, you do need rock n roll, pop etc…
A good listener, music lover selects the kind of music, sound he wants to listen to depends on his mood or his state of mind. There are enormous number of songs in this world, each one of them have an emotive quality that suits our taste, sometimes quenches our emotions, perfectly suits our state of mind at that time.

That being said, listening to EDM, rap, hip-hop isn’t a crime. I just keep my interest at bay, as simple as that.
Sometimes I wish I could tell some young chaps who play the blues, It’s not just about pentatonic ups and downs on the fret board. I like their passion for playing the music that is completely irrelevant considering the current mainstream music climate. But we shouldn’t take that for granted.
A musical conversation is what we need to achieve when we solo over something. Meaningful phrases build those conversations just like how we are talking. It’s a process by which a musician evolves from time to time just like a kid is learning to talk and be able to converse after a few years.
I listen to a lot of guys who make original songs, instrumentals, guitar solos…..I lose my interest half way through the song, why??


What is Leitmotif? A pattern of notes which represent a concrete idea, often has a recognizable melody. Good film music scores often employ this technique.
For Example: Bernard Hermann’s Psycho, Taxi Driver, DarkNight’s Joker theme.These are my favorites, may not be the best example for the usage of Leitmotif. But these are a good place to start with.

Typically it’s a short musical idea that manifests happiness, sadness, impending action, horror to enhance the film material to provide a great cinematic experience. As soon as you hear that famous cello notes of Joker’s theme, you can tell, Hey, the joker is here. It gives an additional character and style to the artistic creation of the director. Ilayaraja is one of the BEST in Indian cinema who employs this technique so as to avoid hackneyed background score formulas, that’s why he won the fifth national award this year. In short his music always has an idea.

Good guitar solos always have Leitmotif.

For example, Clapton’s solo in Wonderful Tonight. Those few notes have a beginning, little/quick chat in the middle and an end. I have no problems with shredding if your music has a motif and you can land safely in that ground. Lemme quit rambling. Happy listening fellas.